What is Split Pay and how it can help you?

What Is Split Pay?

Want the latest Tools & Accessories but the price tag is slightly out of reach? No problem. Here at HobbyMaker not only do we offer the latest and most exciting products in the sewing industry but we also offer a manageable way to pay for them.

How it works?

Split Pay breaks down the total cost of the products into equal monthly payments. Better yet, we ship the product to your door following your first payment! You can take advantage of Split Pay across hundreds of items across the website.

Will I pay more for my goods if I select Split Pay?

No, Split Pay is 0% interest. Just your delivery fee is added.

How to take advantage of Split Pay?

To activate Split Pay, simply look for the the Split Pay box either in your basket or at the checkout on the website. Make sure you have ticked this box to activate Split Pay. This will then break down the cost of the goods into equal monthly manageable payments. If this works for you, leave the box ticked and simply checkout as you normally would. It's that easy! SHOP NOW.

Step by step guide to activating Split Pay on your purchase.

Step 1

Select You Item

Step 2

Identify If Your Item Is Available On Split Pay

Step 3

Tick The Split Pay Box

Step 4

Checkout And Complete Your Payment