Mother's Day Craft Ideas

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Three DIY Mother's Day Craft Ideas

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I’m sure we all agree that handmade gifts and cards really speak from the heart. The truth is there’s nothing more meaningful than something made with your own two hands. For Mum, this year, a DIY Mother’s Day sentiment is the way to go. Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful and appreciated and allows you to add that personal touch for the motherly figure in your life. If you’re looking for inspiration whether it’s for you to create something special for your own mother or if you’re helping the kids/grandkids make a beautiful keepsake, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ready to make a handmade gift? Whether it’s for your mom, grandmother, aunt or any of the other special women in your life, read on for thoughtful Mother’s Day Craft ideas and help her feel extra special this year.

(You can even use these ideas and create birthday presents for her too).


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Mum, mam, mom, or something different altogether? For me it’s ‘mum’ but the beauty of a homemade gift is it can be personal to you and yours. For this bunting I have cut simple triangles of fabric with an extra centimetre at the top that I’ve folded over a length of string and glued in place. For the letters I’ve used vinyl cut with a digital cutting machine, but there are lots of ways you could create a similar look – die cut letters, pre-cut MDF, felt, or fabric letters – whatever works for you. This project could also be made from paper rather than fabric – pattered paper with foiled details would make beautiful bunting!

Embroidery Hoop Sentiment

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I love the trend of displaying embroidery and cross stitch in the hoop, and this is a low effort version of that look. I’ve created the sentiment in HTV, cut on my digital cutting machine, and heat pressed onto a piece of fabric which I’ve then stretched into the hoop. To decorate I’ve used a combination of digitally and die cut flowers and leaf shapes in paper, but foam flowers would also work beautifully here. You could use any sentiment you want for this, one that tells them how much you care, how much they mean to you, or one like this to let all the busy mums know it’s ok to take a little time for themselves to stop and smell the flowers.

Stamped Wall Art

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We all know stamps make beautiful cards but they can also make lovely home items, perfect for mother’s day gifting. Stamp your chosen design and colour as you would usually – I have used watercolour paints but pens and pencil crayons are also ideal - and use different mounts, papers, and mat layers to compliment the design. Using foam pads to separate your layers and framing in a deep box frame is ideal for this project, and a deep frame also allows you to add embellishments or trinkets to make it personal. So many stamps like this one come with lovely sentiments that are a great way to finish off your project and add that finishing touch to your mother’s day gift.


We hope that this article has given you a little inspiration. Handmade gifts are seriously the best! We encourage you to explore your creativity and see what beautiful creation you can make. Need some craft supplies? Shop everything you need right here.

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