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Introducing Creative Expressions

Tell us more about you and Creative Expressions?

Hello all, I’m Jamie and I’ve been working for Creative Expressions for nearly 4 years, I’ve been in the craft industry now for over 20 years and due to my videos on YouTube I was spotted by Sue Wilson and invited to come and work with Creative Expressions. This has led to one of my biggest dreams in life coming true.. and being able to design my own products for them. There is nothing more exciting (and nerve-racking) than dreaming up a design and being able to bring it to you… sharing my design and creations with it.

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How did you get into crafting?

I got in to crafting at very young age, as a family we were big fans of banger racing with many of my family members being drivers themselves, So as a child I would buy toy cars paint them to look like the teams my family raced for. As I moved in to my teenage years, (the 90’s that was dominated by changing rooms) I got in to home decor and furniture restoration. Before moving into paper crafts at around 17. Now at 38 I enjoy a vast range of paper crafts, home decor and design in general.

When was your first show on HobbyMaker and what did you launch?

My first show on HobbyMaker was featuring the incredible panel dies by Sue Wilson.

What's your favourite craft project?

Picking one favourite project has been no easy task, but I loved creating this project and was so happy with the outcome. Created with Andy Skinner’s structure paste, artist pigment paints and my die collection for Creative Expressions Canvas Collection Diamond Craft Die and Sue Wilson’s Special Occasions Wedding Arch and Columns Craft Die.

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What's your go-to Karaoke Anthem?

Singing is certainly not a talent I hold, but in a car on a long journey you could catch me singing along to most of Dolly Parton or Cher’s catalogue.

If you could be any animal, what would it be? And why?

Without a doubt I would love to be a Cat, watching just how pampered my little Sherlock is I wouldn’t mind trading places with him for a little while, he sleeps most of the day, goes for longs walks in the afternoons and lands in the sofa for cuddles and TV of an evening.. he’s more than a little pampered.


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