Ben's Big Crafting Adventure - Episode Six

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Ben's Big Crafting Adventure - Episode Six


I think I'm beginning to 'crack' this crafting malarkey. I'm eggs-ploring my creative side and it's becoming 'hard-to-beat'... OK, I'll stop now!

In case you hadn't noticed, in this weeks episode I'll be working on an Easter project. Joining me is the brilliant Kerrie Padmore from Living in Loveliness who guides me through my first fabric pinning project with one of her fabric egg kits. I learn some great tips and tricks along the way and under Kerrie's watchful eye I begin my first soft crafting journey – with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

Although we are creating an egg for Easter, it's worth noting that we are focussing on the actual crafting technique itself and there's not a needle or thread in sight. This is a great technique for using up lots of scrap pieces of fabric and could be used on a wide variety of projects in the same way.

Anyway, that's enough from me, omelette-ing you go now and remember not to go around 'poaching' my best 'yolks'. Oh dear 🤦

Join me and craft along to create something truly fab.


*Please note the competition mentioned in the video is now closed*

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