Father's Day Craft Ideas

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Three Father's Day Craft Ideas

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I don’t know why but I always find Father’s day a more tricky one than mother’s day. Perhaps it’s because my crafting instinct is to put flowers and glitter on everything, and my dad isn’t as keen on that look as I am! I wanted to try and think of a few new crafty ideas for this - something different for the dads – and experiment with some techniques too. I always like a project that can be customised and made personal, especially if it’s for a special day, so here are a few ideas to help you create something special for that father or father figure in your life.

Dad’s Shed Sign

This is a project I made on the Cricut although you could also do a version using MDF blanks or just hand cut card which you could customise with stamped sentiments or letters. It’s a simple project using items you probably already have in your craft stash – card, glue, and string make up the main components with a little distress ink thrown in for good measure. The thing that makes this project different is the wood grain effect created with a simple make up sponge and ink. To create this you will need a straight edged make-up sponge (a favourite craft hack of mine) and a brown coloured ink – I used a Distress Ink in Vintage Photo which is a shade I use all the time, a really versatile colour for creating a vintage look on lots of different materials.

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To make the sign

  • Take two rectangles of card – one in a thick material such as greyboard, and one in a regular weight card or paper in a neutral ‘wood’ colour of your choice.
  • Mat the thin card to the thicker card.
  • Using a punch, make two holes – one in each corner at the top edge (you can also pre-cut this on your cutting machine).
  • Take the make up sponge and coat an edge with ink (if you don’t have a make up sponge, a similar effect can be created with a square or rectangular blending tool).
  • Using a light pressure, drag the sponge along the length of the rectangle of card in a brushing motion creating long stokes – this doesn’t need to be neat, if there’s a bit of a wobble in the line it just makes the wood grain effect more realistic!

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Either cut or use a pre-made sentiment and mat to the sign – you could even stamp a sentiment or use adhesive letters.
  • Tie a length of string or rope through the holes in the top corners to hang the sign. I also used some leaf details to finish the sign but you could customise with whatever you like!


This is a fun little project (for your or the kids/grandkids) that you don’t need anything too fancy to make, just cardstock, glue, and a scoreboard. I just used a card star for the centre of mine which you could hand cut, machine cut, or use a pre-made shape, but you could also finish with a stamped sentiment or even something handwritten if you’re feeling confident in your calligraphy skills (mine are rather shaky!)

To make this project you will need to cut three strips from an A3 piece of card around 1.5in wide, two circles around 2.5in for the largest, and then the next slightly smaller – a 5mm offset should do it, plus a star or whatever embellishment you are using for the middle.

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To Make the Rosette

  • Take one of the strips and score all the way along in 1.5cm intervals. enter image description here

  • Concertina the strip by mountain and valley folding alternately along the length (like you would make a paper fan). enter image description here

  • Repeat the above two steps with another of the strips and glue the ends of the two strips together on both sides to create a circular rosette. Don’t worry if this is a little unwieldy at this time, it’ll come together in the next step! enter image description here enter image description here

  • Take the largest circle and glue to the centre of the rosette shape create above – if you’re having trouble keeping it in place, pop something like a light book on top to hold it while it sets.

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Glue the smallest circle to the middle, then the star in the centre of this – use foam pads if you want to create a little more depth.

enter image description here

  • Take the final strip and score at an angle in the middle so it folds into a ‘V’ shape – it doesn’t matter if you don’t get this quite right first time as it’ll be hidden at the back.

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Snip the ends of the strip at an angle to create that ‘ribbon’ look.
  • Glue to the back of the rosette. If you want, you can finish with a safety pin at the back to make it wearable!

Bookmark with Tassel

If you’ve got an avid reader in your life, this is a lovely little gift that you can customise to suit them – it’s a perfect way to get using some of that paper in your craft stash you’ve been eyeing up! The home-made tassel is a lovely finishing touch, and you could even blend thread colours to make something really unique – why not make a whole rainbow! You could gift this alongside a new book for father’s day to make the gift really personal.

enter image description here

To make the bookmark

  • Cut two rectangles of card one approximately 16cm x 6cm and one approximately 14.5cm x 5.5cm.
  • Mat the smaller rectangle to the larger rectangle, leaving a larger border at one end.
  • Using a punch, create a hole in the centre of the larger border (again, you can pre-cut these on a digital cutting machine if you’d rather).
  • To make the tassel, take a skein of embroidery thread and a large fork (bare with me, it works!)
  • Wrap the thread around the pronged end of the fork several times until you have the desired thickness and cut the thread.

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  • Cut another length of thread (around 10cm, just so you have enough to manoeuvre it and tie it) and thread it through one of the prongs and secure in a knot, ensure it is tied tight around the threads.

enter image description here

  • Slip the thread off the fork and using an embroidery needle, thread around a 15cm lengthy of thread through the narrow end of the tassel and tie in place, ensuring it is tied centrally.
  • Tie the ends of the thread together to create a loop.
  • Using small, sharp scissors, snip the opposite end of the tassel threads open to finish the tassel effect.
  • Pass the long thread through the punched hole in the bookmark making a loop at the back, and pass the tassel through this to secure in place.

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