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An introduction to tangling

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An introduction to tangling with Sandra Rushton

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Where does tangling come from?

Tangling, also known as doodling is something that we all do without thinking about it. Often, it’s just boredom. People are not wired for doing ‘nothing’. When we are otherwise occupied - on the phone, in a meeting or lecture, writing a list - basically, any moderately engaging mental activity with a pen in our hand the censor in our head can be turned off, and we allow ourselves to express the ideas that are locked in our head. Usually we have a limited visual vocabulary that we have at our disposal; depending on the age at which our artistic development stalled.

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What is our experience of tangling in the past?

We have all mindlessly created swirls and crossed lines whilst waiting to speak with someone on the phone or even at school on the covers of our books and down the margins when the teacher wasn’t looking. We loved to do it and never really worried about how good it looked. Sometimes colour was added or extra cross hatched lines to add a bit of shading and honestly, we never grow out of it, we just do it less especially now we can simultaneously hold a conversation, play the latest game and check our messages etc.

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What is the difference between doodling and tangling?

Tangling turns this idea of mindless doodling around where the focus is placed firmly on what is being drawn on the paper, whatever happens around that fades away and leaves us relaxing and focusing on just the one thing that matters at that moment in time. At this point it doesn’t matter what is being drawn, it’s all about that line or curve, putting pen to paper.

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What can you do with Sanntangle?

Sanntangling takes this one step further by considering the end result as well as the process thus creating something that can be used for something else, primarily to coincide with crafting. By taking those lines and curves and mixing it with some basic shapes and a set of instructions you can still have the relaxation and mindfulness aspect but at the same time you can enjoy the end result and share it with others in the form of a card or piece of wall art.

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How can Sanntangle be developed?

Take this one step further and you also start to develop drawing and colouring skills. The mindfulness/relaxation comes to you quicker and lines begin to flow. At first you start with the instructions but soon your confidence grows and you are creating your own variations where stunning artwork appears before your very eyes.

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Sanntangle is a way of life.

Sanntangle is not just another craft, neither is it just doodling. It is an artform that can be used alongside lots of other crafts where you and the recipient gain joy from the work you have done. It becomes part of your life and changes the way you feel, encouraging positivity, increased focus and creativity.

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Shopping List:

Regular Cream Tiles, Pack of 24: Ideal for trying out a new tangle, quick cards or for mixing them together to create new shapes and colourways.

Macro Tiles Sorbet: A little larger card stock and various colours for developing your artwork.

Sanntangle Creative Set 1: Set of 4 stencils that give you options for creating larger or smaller pieces as backgrounds or the starting point for something you want to work on.

Tiles Tangles Techniques Book 3: Shows you how to create 12 tile designs perfect for card making, using on the macro tile or just for your own pleasure.

Sanntangle Words Stencil Set: Use the letters and numbers to create your own words for cards, mixed media and sewing projects.

Sanntangle Mandala Stencil and Booklet Set: Create ornate mandalas using this stencil.

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