Heat Embossing with Stencils

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Craft Products Used

  • Perfect Medium Embossing ink pad
  • White Card
  • Clear embossing powder
  • Tim Holtz Distress ink pads
  • Stencil
  • Blending tools
  • Heat Gun
  • Kitchen Roll / Tissue Paper
  • Low tack tape

enter image description here

Step One

Trim your white card down to the size required.

Step Two

Place your stencil over your card and secure with some low tack tape.

Step Three

Press your Perfect Medium Embossing Ink Pad all over the stencil to get full coverage.

enter image description here

Step Four

Gently remove the stencil and then sprinkle your clear embossing powder all over card and tap off the excess powder.

enter image description here

Step Five

Switch on your heat gun and move over the card until the embossing powder has all melted. Your design will not be very clear at this stage as it is white on white.

Step Six

Take your chosen ink pads and using a blending tool to cover your design. I have used 3 different colours for my design.

enter image description here enter image description here

Step Seven

Using a piece of tissue or kitchen roll rub over the image to remove the ink from the embossed areas to highlight your stencil.

Step Eight

Use your design as a background or main focal point of your card.

enter image description here

Happy Crafting!

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