Stencil using Texture Paste

| 2 min read

Craft Products used

  • White Card
  • Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Texture Paste
  • Floral Stencil
  • Plastic Craft Spatula
  • Tim Holtz Ink Pad
  • Blending Tool

enter image description here

Step One

Cut a piece of white card to size required.

Step Two

Place stencil over your card and use some low tack tape to secure it in place.

Step Three

Take a craft spatula or palette nice and gently spread the texture paste over the stencil creating an even surface over the whole stencil. Use your spatula to remove any excess which can be put back into the pot.

enter image description here

Step Four

Gently peel back the stencil to reveal your image. Do this process very delicately as the texture paste is wet and could easily be smudged.

enter image description here

Step Five

Pop your card to one side for the texture paste to dry.

enter image description here

Step Six

Once dry you can leave your design white and add to the front of you card or you can bring in your ink and use a blending tool to add colour to your design.

enter image description here

Happy Crafting!

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