How To Make a Pom Pom

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Step-by-Step Guide - How to create a Pom Pom

Craft Products Used

  • We R Makers ‘The Works’ Board
  • Scissors
  • Wool

Step One

Pick your wool (for small pom poms we recommend using a thin wool nothing too chunky). Turn your board over and slide out the pegs which are stored underneath. Turn the board back over and lie onto a flat surface, then pop your pegs into the desired holes depending on the size pom pom you wish to make. For a standard size pom pom, I leave one hole between the pegs.

enter image description here

Step Two

Hold the end of the wool leaving about 5 cm (don’t let the end go). With your other hand wrap the wool around the pegs in a circular motion. I would suggest wrapping 50 times around the pegs to make a full pom pom. Cut the end of your wool again leaving approx. 5cm, then knot the two ends of your wool together.

enter image description here

Step Three

Cut a length of wool approx. 15cm and then slide centrally between the pegs and tie a secure knot in the middle of your wool this will hold your pom pom together.

enter image description here

Step Four

Lift the wool off the pegs hold the strands from the middle where it has been tied you should have a shape that looks a little bit like butterfly wings. Take your scissors and cut through loops on one side of the pom pom, repeat the process on the other side.

enter image description here

Step Five

You should now have something that looks like a pom pom. Roll the pom pom in the palm of your hand to form a ball, give it a shake and repeat.

Top Tip Take a comb and gently pull it through the pom pom being careful not to pull out the wool. This will separate your strands making your pom pom extra fluffy.

Then with your scissors go around your pom pom and trim any long strands to create a round finish.

enter image description here

Step Six

You can use the long centre strands to tie your pom pom or alternatively you can cut the strands off and glue your pom pom to your project.

enter image description here

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