Crafting for Health & Well-Being

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Crafting for Health & Well-Being: A Journey Through the Power of Creativity

We've all been there, haven't we? Someone asks, "So, what's your hobby? What do you like to do in your free time?" At HobbyMaker, we totally get it, and we think it's super important to explore the fantastic perks of crafting. Let's take a moment to understand how these creative pastimes can sprinkle some extra positivity into our lives!

For example, did you know there are huge benefits of crafting on mental health? Hang tight, because we're about to dive into just how awesome your hobbies can be for so many aspects of your life.

Why crafting truly matters

Before we dive into how crafting can make a positive impact on our lives and well-being, let's take a moment to explore why crafting is so important.

According to the Collins English Dictionary, crafting is all about "an activity such as weaving, carving, or pottery that involves making things skillfully with your hands."

Now, why is that word "skillfully" so crucial? Well, we've all been there – our crafts lovingly dismissed as "just a hobby." But let's set the record straight: being a crafter is no walk in the park. It requires some serious skills!

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Crafting isn't just a fun pastime; it's the backbone of our world! Without craft, we'd be in a real pickle. Think about it – no comfy furniture, no nifty communication gadgets, no mouthwatering recipes, and not even the snazziest outfits!

Some of the most world-changing historical figures were not just artists but skilled craftspeople too! We're talking about legends like Charles Rennie Mackintosh, William Morris, May Morris, Jan Wetstone (the genius behind modern decoupage), and the one and only Frida Kahlo.

So, next time someone shrugs off your crafting talents You can proudly share how crafty folks like these incredible artists have left their mark on the world. And guess what? You're part of that amazing tradition too!

Let's Talk About the Ways Crafting Boosts Your Mental Health

It's truly remarkable how crafting can work wonders for your mental well-being. In fact, there are so many fantastic benefits that listing them all feels like an adventure in itself. We've touched upon the connection between crafting and mindfulness previously, but now, let's take a deeper dive into just how crafting can positively influence your mental health.

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Stress Reduction

Let's talk about stress for a second – it's a major player in mental health challenges worldwide, and it can lead to fatigue, migraines, and even early memory loss. But crafting has got your back when it comes to stress reduction!

In fact, researchers found that engaging in activities like music, drawing, meditation, reading, arts & crafts, and even home repairs can do something pretty amazing – they can give your neurological system a gentle nudge and supercharge your overall health and well-being. Yep, you read that right.

When you dive into crafting, it's like taking a little holiday for your mind, steering it away from those pesky worries. Crafty activities have been found to help relieve those stressful symptoms and give your neurological system a well-deserved boost, leaving you feeling healthier and happier.


Self-esteem and confidence are universal issue, people of all ages and backgrounds worldwide can grapple with these feelings. Low self-esteem and a lack of self-belief can have some not-so-fun consequences for our mental well-being. So, keeping our self-esteem in tip-top shape is pretty important. A 2018 study in the journal Psychological Bulletin discovered that our self-esteem seems to rise throughout our lives, up to around age 60. Then, after around a decade, it dramatically declines.

Getting involved in a project can work wonders for your self-esteem. It's a hands-on adventure where you get to create something tangible, and you can see the results with your very own eyes. This is your chance to prove to yourself just how capable you are.

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When our self-esteem is running low, we often worry about not being able to accomplish things. But diving into a project flips that script and shows us that, hey, we've got what it takes! So, whether it's crafting, building, or any creative endeavor, it's your ticket to countering those self-esteem blues.

Anxiety and Depression

Did you know that depression is a pretty common mental health challenge worldwide, followed by anxiety? According to the Mental Health Foundation, depression can hit people of all ages and genders, bringing along low energy, a loss of interest, and low moods. Scientists have been digging into how arts and crafts can be a real game-changer, especially for the elderly.

Finding ways to help mental health difficulties without medication are very popular for both medical professionals and patients with anxiety and depression, so taking up arts and crafts to help is ideal for everyone. Believe it or not, crafting is like a natural mood-lifter. It's been found to do wonders in the battle against anxiety and depression.

And here's the science bit: crafting and letting those creative juices flow can actually give our brains a boost of dopamine. Now, that's a fancy term for the feel-good stuff that can really turn the tide, whether you're dealing with mental or physical health challenges. So, grab those crafting supplies, and let's get those happy vibes going!

How craft is good for our health

Crafting brings a plethora of health benefits, impacting both our physical and mental well-being in numerous ways.

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Healthy Brain

Now, while we've had a chat about how crafting works wonders for our mental health, let's not forget that it's like a workout for our brains too! You see, taking care of our brain is just as crucial as looking after our bodies, and crafting is like a fun and enjoyable workout routine for your brain.

There's loads of scientific evidence backing up how fantastic crafting can be for your brain. A researcher in 2011 found that there are significant cognitive and social benefits of skilled handiwork, and a 2014 occupational therapy study found that giving older women with dementia crafts to try stimulated nonverbal and verbal reactions and helped trigger memories for the women studied.

The 2014 study is particularly important as it was performed on women who had been crafters earlier in their lives as well. So, it seems like being a crafter earlier in life can be a fantastic gift to your later years. Crafting truly is a lifelong adventure that keeps on giving!

All-Round Exercise

You know, there are plenty of hobbies out there that can keep your brain active, like reading or tackling puzzles. But what sets crafting apart is that it's a hands-on adventure that gives both your brain and your body some all-round exercise. When you dive into a crafty project, your brain goes into superhero mode. Your concentration, creativity, and problem-solving centers kick into high gear, and that can help relieve symptoms of chronic pain through distraction.

But that's not all! While you're busy crafting, your hands, fingers, arms, and shoulders are all working too, even if you don't notice it right away. Crafting involves intricate patterns and nifty moves that put your motor skills and dexterity to the test, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out.

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Better Sleep

Crafting isn't just about creating beautiful things; it can be your secret weapon for a good night's sleep!

You see, the repetitive nature of crafting is like a lullaby for your brain and body. It has this magical power to calm you down before bedtime, which is far more beneficial than blue light and screens before sleep. You can craft whenever you want, day or night. So, if you ever find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night, don't just toss and turn. Get up and grab your craft supplies! Whether it's scrapbooking or following some relaxing cardmaking tutorials, you'll probably find yourself feeling sleepier in no time.

Find your craft

Now that you're in the know about all the fantastic health benefits of crafting, it's time to let your creativity shine!

If you're not quite sure where to begin, especially when it comes to the delightful world of card making, fear not! We've got your back with a hub of articles tailored for your crafting journey. Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of tips and tricks that'll have you crafting like a pro in no time.

Take a look here

Once you've checked that out, or if you're a crafting pro eager to dive in, you need some equipment. We've got a fantastic selection of craft supplies just waiting for you to explore. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's something here to spark your imagination.

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