Getting Started with Copic Ciao Markers

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Getting Started with Copic Ciao Markers

Copic markers are renowned for their exceptional quality and versatility, making them a top choice for artists, illustrators, and crafters. Within the world of Copic markers, the Ciao series stands out as a popular and accessible option, ideal for both beginners and experienced artists. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of Copic Ciao markers, exploring their features, advantages, and creative potential.

What Are Copic Ciao Markers?

Copic Ciao markers are part of the Copic marker family, known for their high-quality ink, versatile tips, and stunning colour range. They share many characteristics with Copic Sketch and Copic Classic markers but have some unique features that make them an excellent choice for beginners.

Key Features of Copic Ciao:

Dual Tips: Copic Ciao markers come equipped with two tips: a flexible brush nib on one end and a broader chisel nib on the other. This dual-tip design allows for a wide range of artistic applications, from fine detailing to colouring large areas.

Refillable and Replaceable: Like other Copic markers, Ciao markers are refillable, which means you can extend their lifespan by replenishing the ink. You can also replace nibs to ensure consistent performance.

Vibrant and Blendable Ink: Copic markers, including Ciao, are celebrated for their high-quality, alcohol-based ink that provides smooth colour transitions, exceptional blending capabilities, and rich, vibrant colours.

Extensive Colour Range: Copic Ciao markers offer a vast spectrum of colours, from the primary hues to specialty shades, ensuring you have the right colour for your artistic endeavors.

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Advantages of Using Copic Ciao Markers


Copic Ciao markers are an excellent choice for artists on a budget. They provide the renowned quality of Copic markers at a more affordable price point. This makes them accessible to both beginners and experienced artists looking to expand their collection without breaking the bank.


The Ciao markers are a great starting point for artists new to Copic markers or alcohol-based markers in general. The dual-tip design offers flexibility in line work and colouring, while the extensive colour range ensures plenty of options for various projects.


Copic Ciao markers are relatively compact and easy to transport, making them ideal for artists who work on-the-go or enjoy sketching and colouring outside the studio. Their lightweight design and the ability to cap and uncap them easily add to their portability.


Copic Ciao markers are fully compatible with the other Copic marker series (Sketch and Classic), allowing you to blend colours seamlessly and create intricate artworks with ease.

Artistic Versatility:

Whether you're into illustration, comic art, design, or crafting, Copic Ciao markers can adapt to a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. Their ink quality and colour selection make them a valuable tool for diverse projects.

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Basic Techniques with Copic Ciao

Layering and Blending:

One of the most remarkable features of Copic Ciao markers is their ability to blend seamlessly. Begin by selecting two or more colours in a similar colour family, and apply light strokes of the markers in a layering fashion. Gradually increase the intensity and continue to layer until you achieve the desired blend. The brush nib is especially handy for smooth transitions.

Shading and Highlights:

To add depth and dimension to your artwork, practice shading with Copic Ciao markers. Identify your light source, and apply less ink on the side opposite to the light to create shadows. For highlights, use a lighter colour to emphasise illuminated areas.

Creating Textures:

Experiment with creating various textures using Copic Ciao markers. Whether it's fur, wood grain, or fabric, you can achieve different textures by varying the pressure of your strokes, using stippling techniques, or crosshatching.

Layering Different Colours:

Explore the magic of colour combinations with Copic Ciao markers. You can layer different colours to create new hues and effects. For instance, layering a blue and a yellow marker can yield a green hue with smooth blending.


Copic Ciao markers are a fantastic choice for artists & crafters of all levels. They provide the ideal balance of quality, versatility, and affordability, making them an excellent tool for your creative journey. As you explore the world of Copic Ciao, remember that practice and experimentation are key. So, pick up your first set, embrace the colours, and let your creativity flow. Happy coloring!

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