Spectrum Noir Colour Creations Kit - Creative Collection

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Spectrum Noir Colour Creations Kit Creative Collection

Seek fresh inspiration, uncover novel techniques, and embrace your colourful side with the Spectrum Noir Colour Creations Kit - Creative Collection!

The Spectrum Noir Colour Creations Kit is a carefully curated collection designed to ignite your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life. Packed with a spectrum of vibrant and high-quality colouring mediums, this kit is a treasure trove for artists, illustrators, and crafters of all levels.

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Versatile Colour Mediums

The Spectrum Noir Colour Creations Kit - Creative Collection comprises 10 dual-tipped Classique Markers, featuring the classic combination of broad-chisel and fine-bullet tips. With design-grade alcohol-dye colours and quality components, Classique offers a versatile range of broad and fine strokes, ensuring smooth, streak-free coverage and layered blended effects.

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Additionally, the collection includes 10 Aqua Markers, providing an easy entry point into the watercolour journey. Each pen boasts a dual-tip design, combining a flexible brush for broad coverage with an ultra-fine tip for detailing and outlining.

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For a touch of opulence, the kit features 8 Spectrum Noir Metallic markers, offering a rich, opaque colour laydown with an impressive pearlescent sheen. Dual-tipped with a fine and brush nib, they are perfect for various creative applications such as lettering, line-work, and embellishments.

The 3 Sparkle Brush Pens in the collection showcase vibrant water-soluble colours infused with fine glitter micro-pigments. Featuring a stranded nylon brush fed by a valve-action reservoir, these pens provide controlled ink delivery with precise, fluid strokes—ideal for art, lettering, and embellishments.

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Introduce even more shimmer with the 8 Glitter Markers included in the collection. Each marker is brimming with glitter, delivering a rich and opaque sweep of shimmering colour, perfect for lettering, journaling, cardmaking, colouring, and more.

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To emphasise intricate details, the collection offers 3 Artliner Pens. These pens feature fine Japanese points for smooth, consistent ink flow and accuracy, while the flexible extra-fine brush enables precise curves and tapered fine strokes.

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To help you make the most of the Creative Collection, Spectrum Noir provides a comprehensive guide, aiding you in mastering each new technique. Plus, enjoy 14 colouring pages filled with original and beautiful designs, including black pages to accentuate the sparkle and shine in your creations.

Rich and Diverse Colour Palette

Spectrum Noir understands the importance of a diverse colour palette. The Creative Collection boasts a rich array of hues, tones, and shades, ensuring that you have the perfect colour for any project. From bold and vibrant to soft and pastel, the spectrum of possibilities is vast and inspiring.

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Blendable and Buildable Colours

Achieving smooth blends and gradients is a breeze with the blendable and buildable colours in this kit. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, you'll appreciate the ease with which these colours come together to create stunning effects. Experimenting with different blending techniques will add depth and dimension to your artwork.

Let's Get Started

The Spectrum Noir Colour Creations Kit Creative Collection is a true marvel for anyone passionate about the world of colours. Elevate your artistry, explore new techniques, and watch as your creations come to life with the vibrant and versatile mediums provided in this thoughtfully curated kit.

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