1 Mold 7 Ways with the Mold Press

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1 Mold 7 Ways with the Mold Press

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Have you heard about the award-winning Mold Press? Turn everyday objects into 3D shapes with the Mold Press by We R Makers!

This easy-to-use press creates dimensional plastic shapes that can be cut, painted, and crafted for all sorts of projects.

Or use the plastic molds for chocolate, resin, ceramics and so much more. Simply connect the Mold Press to your at-home vacuum, heat the plastic, place your object on the base, turn on the vacuum, and press!

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Just imagine the personalised projects you can create for birthdays, weddings, holidays and special events. Whether you craft as a hobby, or you own a small business, the Mold Press will take your crafting to new heights!

There are so many different projects you can create—jewellery, home décor, school supplies, custom chocolate, wax melts, decorative magnets, shaker cards, soap and more.

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You won’t believe how versatile this machine is! To help show off its versatility, check out how many different crafts you can make with the same mold. Using a craft knife, carve out any shape you want from an eraser. Create a plastic mold out of this shape with the Mold Press.

Gather all the craft mediums you can think of—epoxy resin, foam clay, cement, candle wax, air dry clay, jelli resin—and create amazing projects with your plastic mold. So fun, right?

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Your work area on the Mold Press is 5.5 x 5.5 inches, and it’s recommended to mold objects no taller than 2 inches.

Undercuts, caused by a ledge around the outside edge of an object, can prevent you from removing objects from the mold. Objects with sharp angles (less than 90˚) may also be difficult to remove from your mold. Use Polymer Detail Clay (sold separately) to fill in any undercuts and to straighten sharp angles.

Air pockets, caused by poor air flow around objects, keep the plastic from forming tightly around the object. Add air holes to ensure the plastic forms tightly.

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Here are some of our best TIPS & TRICKS for success with the Mold Press:

  • Use care any time your hands are in the machine, either placing object, removing object, handling plastic, or adding detail with tools. It is recommended to wear Heat Resistant Gloves (sold separately).
  • For best results use plastic and other materials sold by We R Makers®. They have been tested and work best with machine. Other materials may damage machine.
  • Heating time for PLASTIC SHEETS can vary depending on your environment and air temperature.
  • Plastic objects with a smooth surface may not shape well during vacuform process. Use sandpaper to create a texture on the surface to improve air flow.
  • If placing multiple objects on VACUUM SCREEN do not place objects too close together in order allow to enough space for plastic to form around object.
  • For best results tightly hold MAGNETIC FRAMES together while lowering plastic.
  • If plastic is sticking to object, dust object with Powder Release (sold separately).
  • To remove wrinkles and form plastic into corners, use shaping tools while vacuum is still running and plastic is still warm.
  • To form additional details from object, immediately use Heat Gun (sold separately) to keep plastic warm and malleable while vacuum is still running.
  • If object has a lot of detail, let plastic cool up to a minute before removing from plastic.
  • There are many variables in achieving the perfect mold. Shape, size, and finish of the object can impact the final result.

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The Mold Press is one of We R Makers most versatile tools and will surely open a whole new world of creativity to any crafter! Be sure to share your Mold Press creations and tag HobbyMaker + We R Makers.

Happy crafting!

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