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Creative Expressions and Helen Colebrook have launched a stunning new Journaling collection featuring dies, stamps, washi tapes, stencils and papers.

Gwen Fletcher will be showcasing Helen's brand new collection here on HobbyMaker. Tune in Tuesday 13th December at 4pm and Wednesday 14th December at 7am and 5pm.

Helen Colebrook is a talented Journaler who has built the well-loved blog “Journal With Purpose” which if you haven’t visited is a haven for all things journaling and mindful. Helen has lovingly curated her journaling to stretch across Instagram and YouTube to deliver daily doses of Journaling inspiration and guidance. Amazingly, Helen also has published two successful books, been interviewed as or contributed to a feature article in numerous high-profile magazines, plus chosen to be the face of many incredible brand collaborations.

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The love for Journaling is deep-rooted in Helen’s earliest memories of both her Mother and Nan being creative and teaching Helen how to make patchwork as a child. Plus, their talents with paintbrushes and paint will have undoubtedly given Helen bountiful inspiration for her illustrative skills. But, despite having a childhood rich in creativity Helen didn’t begin her journaling journey until quite a few years later in adulthood.

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Helen initially got back into her creative groove with card-making and adult colouring books but found they didn’t keep her invested for long and often didn’t keep up to date with them. But after going on a much-loved holiday, Helen decided to keep a journal to remember the trip and now has over ten years of journaling experience under her belt.

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The appeal of having somewhere safe to document the highs and lows of day-to-day life, track goals and keep memories safely bound away resonated with Helen, especially throughout the Pandemic. Journaling provided an opportunity to share her journaling online and keep a feeling of connection with her following community. Helen shared “Journaling and creativity, in general, was a huge lifeline during that period. Keeping a record of the lockdowns, rule changes and people’s behaviours was quite a fascinating experience and one I knew I would want to read back through in the years to come.”

One of Helen’s top tips for journaling if you are new to the craft is to be sure that you make time every day for maybe just five minutes at the least. This can be just writing into your journal after spending time at the weekend decorating and adorning your journal with drawings, tapes and stencils. You want to feel like your journal is an extension of yourself, so do feel free to project your personality and inspirations into your work.

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All in all, it is safe to say that Journaling brings many benefits such as improved general happiness or just the pure joy of making something your own every day. Helen really hopes that her brand new collection with Creative Expressions will be able to inspire people to start their very own journaling.

Feeling inspired? Browse the Creative Expressions Helen Colebrook Collection and get started on your next project.

Browse here.

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