The legendary American Crafts Cardstock

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American Crafts cardstock is your cutting machine’s best friend. High-quality, durable, and solid core pages are simply the best cardstock to put through your machine. Each sheet is made with only the best materials to provide a cleaner, crisper cut without clogging! You can’t go wrong. Papers are also easier to weed, with more cardstock sticking to the mat after cutting, making intricate details a breeze. And cardstock papers won’t crack or split when scored and folded, so your handmade cards can be creased to perfection.

Start holiday and special occasion cards by mixing and matching your favourite colours of cardstock. Colours and patterns are endless! Choose from a variety of trendy, classic, or basic colours, then get creative with layers to make for a unique addition.

Add some embellishments like ephemera, stickers, and die-cut shapes to the mix to give your cards an extra something special. You can also never go wrong with glitter, bows, brads, or buttons to give an additional touch.

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American Crafts cardstock can tackle even the most delicate details. Just check out these adorable snowflakes! The cardstock is heavy weight, so die cut your shapes with confidence.

Crisp details will stay flat and stiff while you craft. Sheets are even strong enough to withstand needlework and hand-sewn embellishments. Try adding stitched patterns to your backgrounds or borders to give your projects a unique textured element. Stitching is a fun alternative to traditional embellishments! Then add a photo, a handwritten note, and send your cards off with love and in style.

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The possibilities don’t stop at cards though. Our cardstock is the perfect beginning to your next scrapbooking project too! Each sheet is the ideal 12x12-inch size and is easily turned into a beautiful keepsake in minutes. Use your creativity to make something unique. Start with basic yet bold colors or patterns, then add details as you go, to make for something perfect. Don’t be afraid to use layers here too! Choose your favorite photos and memories then spruce them up with die-cut shapes and coordinating backgrounds.

Add your own handwriting or drawings to die cut shapes to preserve your favorite memories that go along with your photos. The ink won’t bleed through or smudge on your quality cardstock, so your memories will be preserved for years to come. It's the perfect time to try out the American Crafts premium cardstock to create some high-quality die cutting elements to make for the perfect touch for your next project!

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Browse the collection of American Crafts Cardstock and get started on your next project.

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