Ben's Big Crafting Adventure - Episode Five

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Ben's Big Crafting Adventure - Episode Five

Dib, Dab, Dob, Daub!

It's mixed media time and today I have been joined by the brilliant Jason Wilkes of Bert & Gert's who guides me through this next step of my crafting journey. I get to grips with MDF, acrylic paints and the daubing technique to create a colourful abstract background.

This will be my first journey into the world of mixed media so I wanted to start slow and this technique is a great place to start and I very quickly started to see the potential open up right in front of me.

As my crafty repertoire grows, I am feeling more and more confident in just 'having a go' and I'm finding it very liberating. I'm discovering that crafting is a great way to relax and be creative while making something personal either for yourself or as a fabulous gift for someone else.

Why not join me once again and craft with me to create something fantastic.

Interested in getting started?

Shop Mixed Media Supplies from Bert & Gert's here.

Mixed Media Project created by Ben

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