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Introducing Ribbonly

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Tell us more about Ribbonly?

Ribbonly is a Birmingham based business and was founded in 2021 by myself, and my parents Karen and Gary. Bored of our corporate jobs, and ready for a fresh challenge, we decided to embark on a new venture together.

With my Mum and I having a creative background, we knew we wanted a creative business.

We noticed a gap in the market for luxury and unique ribbons and developed a brand that sourced beautiful ribbons for the UK market. In a short space of time we have already grown rapidly beyond our expectations, we partnered with the fabulous HobbyMaker in July 2022 and haven’t looked back since. HobbyMaker has enabled us to meet so many wonderful crafters, and has helped us to nurture our own little craft community. We are so excited for what’s to come!

How did you get into crafting?

My Mum, Karen, who is our creative director and demonstrator on the shows, introduced me to crafts at a very young age. I’ve been experimenting with different arts and crafts since I was 5, from pottery and painting to screen printing and embroidery. I’ve tried it all! I went on to study Textiles at A level which really harboured my love for soft craft. I will admit, I’ve never been a lover of following instructions or patterns, and from a young age have always done my own thing. I think it’s my short attention span and itch to do something different.

When was your first show on HobbyMaker and what did you launch?

Our first show on HobbyMaker was 14th July 2022. We launched 4 stunning wreaths, little did we know this was going to be the start of a really exciting new adventure for Ribbonly. Our wreaths are now our flagship product, and have been our bestselling kits ever since. We have sold over a whopping 1000 kits so far!

What's your favourite craft project?

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Well it’s not actually something I have made, but what my Mum, Karen made. I’m getting married in August this year, and my Mum made our invites! How amazing is she? She’s probably going to kill me for sharing this, but I think she’s done an incredible job. Using watercolour and a drawing pen, she’s drawn my partner and I, and all of our favourite things that will be featured at our wedding.. including our dogs. How cute!

What's your go-to Karaoke Anthem?

Man I feel like a Woman by Shania Twain… only after a few glasses of prosecco though!

If you could be any animal, what would it be? And why?

Probably a Monkey, I’ve always been very cheeky and so I think I’d revel in the opportunity.


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