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Introducing Personal Impressions

Tell us more about you and Personal Impressions?

PI are part of E M Richford Group which was established in 1878. PI are one of the UK’s leading brand managers and distributors in the arts and crafts industry specialising in mixed media, papercrafts, card-making etc. We are proud to represent over 70 brands ranging form global recognised brand to small niche and new.

I'm Mandy-Jane and I have always crafted and enjoyed the creative side of life. I originally trained as a Hairdresser and Barber straight from 6th Form winning many college-based competitions. I even went to the National Student Championships at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. If I had placed two places higher I would have gone to the World Championships but it wasn’t meant be. Now I Craft!

How did you get into crafting?

I took up paper crafting and stamping around 2003 due to long term ill health and was bored! I rediscovered ‘craft’ and became obsessed with all and everything. I was covered in glitter, the dogs were covered in glitter well, you get the picture. But I must admit I cannot crochet and show no talent for it at all (many have tried to teach me)!

When was your first show on HobbyMaker and what did you launch?

My first show on Hobbymaker was 10th July 2022 and I was playing with Debbi Moore’s ‘Gardening Gnomes’ Collection. Such fun! I didn’t even know Gnomes could garden!

What's your favourite craft project?

I have so many favourites! I would have to choose quite a recent one from one of my Cadence shows. It is an MDF Chest. I loved it because it was pretty and useful as a storage piece. It was a beautiful surface to work on and I got to use lots of my Cadence goodies on it such as gorgeous rice papers, pastes and stencils. A real vintage feel.

enter image description here

What's your go-to Karaoke Anthem?

Neil Diamond ‘Love on the Rocks’. It’s the only song I can keep in tune to according to my extremely tone-deaf husband!!

If you could be any animal, what would it be? And why?

I would be a Panda because they love trying new things. They enjoy seeing their friends, are cheerful and loyal. They are full of energy and loving. Plus they have a rocking outfit!


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