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Introducing Glitzcraft

Tell us more about Glitzcraft?

Glitzcraft was born in 2011 after we moved back from Florida to the UK, we decided to continue our US exploits and break into the UK Craft market. We are a very small family run business and we absolutely love working in partnership with HobbyMaker.

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How did you get into crafting?

I started crafting when I was a student nurse and needed something to keep me awake on nightshifts, so I picked up a cross stitch kit. We moved to the USA in 1999 and I started scrapbooking after I met a neighbour who introduced me to papercrafts.

When was your first show on HobbyMaker and what did you launch?

Our first show was 28th April and we introduced our stamps, stencils and some personalised MDF plaques.

What's your favourite craft project?

My favourite one has to be the easter bunny candy jar,or the 4 layer highland cow!

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What's your go-to Karaoke Anthem?

I am a huge country music fan from my 10 years spent in the USA, but love most music, I sing all the time but hardly ever in public. If I had to pick it would be Kelly Clarkson’s my life would suck without you or Valerie by Amy winehouse.

If you could be any animal, what would it be? And why?

Probably a dog – a cute and cuddly one, that just lazes around all day like my 2 dogs…. I never stop working so a chance to just chill out on the sofa sounds good to me… lol.


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