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Introducing Oakwood

Tell us more about you and Oakwood?

Oakwood are are a wonderful family run company who were established in 2014. They sell a huge variety of products from card making to mixed media and soft crafts sourced from all around the world.

So about me. I'm Heidi, I live in a beautiful little fishing town called Brixham in South Devon with my husband, son and 2 crazy cats. We moved from Sheffield 7 years ago and have never looked back. The beach and the sea give me so much inspiration for crafting, as I love anything nautical. My passion is helping animal charities so I make as many cards for them to sell as I possibly can. I don’t really stick to one craft as my head is always buzzing to try something new. I hope to share my crafting passion and enthusiasm with you all.

How did you get into crafting?

I started crafting when I was 19 after a serious viral illness. My GP recommended I found a hobby to do at home as I was confined to a wheelchair for a very long time and very depressed. I discovered a glass painting kit being sold on the tv so decided to give it a go. Well that was the beginning. It developed into card making and I have never looked back. I got the crafty bug wanting to try everything.

When was your first show on HobbyMaker and what did you launch?

My first show was the 9th of September last year. I launched sets of beautiful Oakwood stamps and dies and some fabulous stencils.

What's your favourite craft project?

This is the hardest question as I love so many. Ok so I will go for mixed media as you can use so many products. I used the crafttreat texture pastes on this and a mixture of craftreat and icraft stencils.

enter image description here

What's your go-to Karaoke Anthem?

Mmmmm so I definitely can not sing, but it would have to be Holiday by Greenday.

If you could be any animal, what would it be? And why?

100% my cat Angel I’d be spoilt, lazy, adored, rule the house and do exactly what I wanted with no responsibility lol.


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