Mixed Media

Break the rules, blend the mediums and plunge into the playground of mixed media. Create your own medley where unexpected combinations combine.

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Wreath Making

Mixed media is a popular art form that involves using a variety of materials and techniques to create unique and visually interesting artworks. Mixed media goods refer to the materials and supplies used in this art form, such as paint, paper, fabric, found objects, and embellishments. The beauty of mixed media is in its versatility, allowing artists to experiment and combine different materials to achieve their desired effect. Some popular mixed media techniques include collage, assemblage, and layering.

When shopping for mixed media goods, it's important to consider the specific materials and tools required for your project. Here at HobbyMaker we pride ourselves for working with the best brands in the business. We are sure to offer a wide range of mixed media goods to suit every style and budget, making it easy for artists to find the perfect materials for their projects. Whether you're a seasoned mixed media artist or just starting out, exploring the world of mixed media goods can be an exciting and rewarding experience.