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Sanntangle is a mindful super creative artform using basic tools and equipment. The team at Sanntangle believe in a calm and focussed approach to help relax and regain your inner peace whilst opening a world full of creativity and imagination. Having said that they are all about the craft! What can you do with it, how does it work?

Sanntangle is not just another craft, neither is it just doodling. It is an artform that can be used alongside lots of other crafts where you and the recipient gain joy from the work you have done. It becomes part of your life and changes the way you feel, encouraging positivity, increased focus and creativity.

It starts with a tile, using basic lines and curves shapes are formed. As these shapes grow your mind begins to focus on the paper and not what’s around you. Bring in the pencil to add a little shade and a tortillon to soften the edges of the pencil and your piece of art is created.