How to use Tattered Angel Glimmer Mists

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How to use Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists

I have only recently discovered these Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists but I am in love with them! Simple, quick, and versatile, they are a perfect way to level up your crafting - whether it’s transforming cardstock with the sprays, or using them for adding painted detail to your project, they add that ‘something special’ we crafters are always on the lookout for!

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Here are my top tips for getting started with Glimmer Mists;

Prepare your workspace

The mists are a fairly thin liquid with high pigmentation so make sure your workspace is ready to go. I use a wipe clean cutting mat to spray on, and if it’s not a large mat I’ll use additional kitchen roll around this too – in fact kitchen roll on hand is a good idea anyway just for any clear up along the way if you’re a messy crafter like me!

Go large

Cut your cardstock larger than you need, the mists move around so it’s good to have the option to trim down the edges – I tend to spray a large area and cut down so I have spare pieces for when I need them, handy to have a stash for adding to other projects!

Shake it!

The thing that makes these mists so beautiful is the glimmer! Before you use them, make sure you give them a good shake to get all that beautiful shimmer swirling around so it’s distributed evenly giving you maximum sparkle on your project.

Dry it

There are a couple of options here, either let it air dry which of course takes longer, or use your heat gun to speed things up. The heat gun can be quite fun because you can move and manipulate the mists on the paper to create new effects. Your cardstock may start to curl up as you spray but will relax as the mists dry. If it still isn’t completely flat when fully dry you can pop it under something heavy to flatten it (a couple of books for example) but largely once you’ve started sticking it onto your project it’ll all even out anyway.

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to mix it up – blend colours, try them on different textures and materials, get creative – so far I haven’t had a bad result as they blend so beautifully together. They’re lovely individually but they really come to life when you start to bring them together. A little goes a long way so there’s plenty to experiment with!


There’s so much you can do with these mists, I incorporate them into a lot of my projects now just to add that little bit of shimmer. Here are some of the projects I have created;

Under the Sea

enter image description here enter image description here

The blues and greens blend beautifully to create a watery look. I’ve used it here to create a sea themed card, but it would be great for any water based look – a garden pond, a sparkling cocktail, or a deep blue lake. For this Mermaid themed card I’ve used the colours Curious and Kiwi to achieve the watery spray effect, and I’ve also used them with a paintbrush to add details to the mermaid’s tail and hair.


enter image description here enter image description here

When I first saw these sprays they made me think of night skies and galaxies - shimmering deep colours and the swirling glimmering mists. I’ve done a few experiments with them, each time slightly different and unique to help create different looks – from soft sunsets to deep space. Some of the main colours I’ve used to create this include Sapphire, Pop Rocks, Black Cherry, and Sterling at the darker end, and Silk and Patina to add softer colours, but there are others that work in this mix too, it’s all about experimenting and having fun. For this night sky card I masked out stars before I sprayed to create a negative effect, but you could also add stars with diamante or a white or silver pen – why not create a personalised horoscope star constellation, simple but effective. Layer up your newly textured cardstock for a really special effect.

Pretty Pastels

enter image description here enter image description here

With the exception of the gold mirror card, all the cardstock I used for this started as plain solid colour which I’ve then customised with the mists. It works so well for flower and leaf shapes because it gives a natural looking variation in shade and tone which you wouldn’t get with pre-coloured cardstock – using different coloured card as a base increases this variation too and allows you to experiment even more. Some of the colours I’ve used here are Silk and Festival (pinks), It’s Orange, Wheat, Kiwi, and French Lime, but there are lots of other lovely shades that would work for this.

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