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Pollyanna Pickering's Double Trouble Digital Kit


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What's Included:
Pollyanna Pickering's Double Trouble Digital Kit
Digital Collections

Further Details

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Pollyanna Pickering’s Double Trouble Digital Download Kit

2. Contents, Dimensions and Variables

Size UK N/A

Paper weight N/A

Contents – 1 x Digital Download with 30 x A4 printable sheets

·        4 x A4 topper sheets,

·        4 x A4 decorative papers, 4 designs

·        4 x A4 essential papers, 4 designs

·        4 x A4 sheets solid colour papers, 4 colours 

·        2 x A4 sheets alphabet tiles

·        4 x A4 Insert sheets, 2 designs

·        4 x A4 sheets sentiments, 4 colours

·        1 x A4 sheet tags

·        1 x A4 sheet pennants

·        2 x A4 sheet hexagonal boxes in 2 colours

4.     Key Features and Benefits

·        Digital downloads offer the crafter an inexpensive way of crafting with greater versatility than buying a printed paper collection.

·        Every element associated with a particular piece of artwork is in that design set so the guess work is eliminated as to whether papers and artwork match.

·        The designs are of a high resolution which means a better quality of print. They can be used with an inexpensive printer but we recommend that top quality card & paper is used to print on

·        The digital downloads are designed with ease of use in mind, simply Click, Print, Craft. A never-ending source of backing papers, toppers and embellishments which is available 24 hours a day at the click of a mouse.

·        Each set of designs on the digital download is exclusive to that title.

Every Crafty Witches digital download has an easy-to-use interface giving a professional look to the product. The crafter can see a thumbnail for each printable sheet and does not have to write down file names for reference purposes.

·         This can only be accessed by Windows based PC users. To access this, click on Autorun, the folder with the CD ROM icon next to it. Devices such as Mac/Chrome book/ipad/iphone/android phones need to go into the Autoplay folder and then open the folder marked Docs to access the pdf files

·        Every element associated with a particular piece of artwork is in that design set so the guess work is eliminated as to whether papers and artwork match.

·        A digital download is a fantastic introduction to the world of crafting without having to break the bank.

·        Although there is no need for an expensive printer, we do recommend using the best quality paper & card when printing from the USB.

·        Digital downloads are ECO friendly because there is no packaging such as plastic cases and they are “delivered” straight to your computer so no carbon footprint.

·        You can “hide” downloads” too from certain people LOL.

System requirements for downloads:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10/11.

Can be used on Mac/Chrome book/ipad/iphone/android phone.

Adobe Reader or similar pdf reader such as Foxit

Colour printer inkjet or laser.

Digital Download Content

This item is a digital download. Once purchased, it will be available in your account on the HobbyMaker website.

To access it, click on your account, go to the order history, and you will always be able to download this collection from there. Please note that depending on your broadband speed, the download may take a few minutes.

Once downloaded, double-click the file and select 'extract all' to extract the collection to your computer.

Please note that digital downloads require instant payment and will be available immediately.

This item is non-refundable.

For more information on how to open your collection please visit - https://www.hobbymaker.co.uk/en-gb/explore/download-faq/