Quick and Easy Crafty Hacks

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Six quick and easy crafty hacks!

Craft Hack 01 - Easy Easel Card

This is a simple way to make a basic easel card, all you need is two card blanks, scissors, and glue!

  1. Take two card blanks.
  2. Cut one of the blanks in half along the crease.
  3. Take the second blank and score down the middle of one side and fold.
  4. Apply glue to the ‘open’ half of the scored section.
  5. Glue one of the card blank halves to this section.

Ta-da! Now you have a base for an easel card!

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Craft Hack 02 - Die Cut Off-Cut Stencil

That waste bit of card from your die cutting? Get a little extra life out of it by using it as a stencil! Dab ink on with a blending tool to create backing papers, add details to cards, or texture to your projects.

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Craft Hack 03 - Colourful Pearls

I love flat-backed pearls and use them in my crafting a lot – great for that finishing touch. Make them more versatile by colouring them – you’ll need to use a good marker that will set well. They make perfect little centres for paper flowers!

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Craft Hack 04 - Make-up Sponge Inking

You know those little triangular make up sponges you get? They’re great for creating a different look with distress inks! Use ink on a corner of the sponge and drag in from the edges. Great for creating an aged look on paper, or a vein effect on leaves and petals.

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Craft Hack 05 - Toothbrush Gilding Flakes

Using a toothbrush to apply the glue for gilding flakes gives an uneven application that works really well to create an interesting textured look on your projects. Apply a line of the glue then brush upwards with the toothbrush so it ‘fades’. Allow to dry to a tack and then apply your flakes with a soft brush. Great for creating a mat layer for your card making!

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Craft Hack 06 - Stamping Upcycled Jars

Stamps are great for papercraft, but with the right ink you can use them on all kinds of materials! Upcycle empty jars with stamp details to make lovely holders for utensils, craft tools, or battery tea lights. Take your chosen stamp, place on your stamping block and apply the ink – make sure you use an inkpad that is suitable for glass. Lay the stamping block down on your work surface with the stamp facing up and roll your jar over it. Make sure you apply gentle pressure but not so much the jar slips. Tie a little string or ribbon around the top for a finishing touch!

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Happy Crafting!

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